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You are invited to join a new initiative founded by women, led by women, and focused upon meeting the needs of women in the Endless Mountains area: Susquehanna, Wyoming, Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga counties. 

Women Helping Women aims to raise, over time, a one million dollar plus endowment which will generate substantial annual grants to local organizations that target the obstacles that keep many women of the Endless Mountains from achieving security and financial independence.

Women Helping Women is an endowed fund of the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, established by Judy Albert Ventresca in 2006 to assist deserving women of the Endless Mountains.  Judy donated her entire full-time salary for the final year of her working life to start this fund, which will perpetually provide annual grants to local non-profit organizations.  In May 2012, a Steering Committee was formed to move the organization forward in fulfilling the mission of assisting Endless Mountains women in the best way possible.  Since then, the value of the fund has tripled!  That means that we are able to provide three times the amount of grants to local non-profit organizations this year, next year, and every year to come.  

Collective philanthropy allows us to have more of an impact than any individual could ever have alone.  The committee structure allows participation at the donor's discretion.  Even if a donor does not have the time to participate, they can rest assured that the Grants Committee has evaluated the current needs of the women in the area and where the grant dollars will have the most impact.  The structure of the organization allows for constant growth and fluidity.  As women's needs change, the organization can redirect the grants to serve those needs.  The beauty of the Women Helping Women group is that a donor can be certain that their gift will have an impact on the women of this region for years to come.  We invite you to join us in creating a permanent, positive shift for our local women.



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