Tuesday, January 25, 2022

United Way of Susquehanna County Announces Launch of “Rested and Ready” New Bed Campaign for School Aged Children

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United Way of Susquehanna County in partnership with Interfaith, Forest City Salvation Army Service Center, Women’s Resource Center, CEO Weinberg North East Regional Food Bank and the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains wants to help dozens of children get a better night sleep and is seeking support from the community. The organization is launching “Rested and Ready”, a bed initiative, and its latest effort to help school-age children.

“Since starting our ‘Helping Children Do Well’ strategy to aid in improving the odds of success for at-risk children in Susquehanna County, we have been working closely with community partners including school nurses, guidance counselors, resource officers and nonprofit community agencies on a number of key programs,” stated Kim Merithew, Director of Corporate and Community Giving for United Way of Susquehanna County. “Through our community outreach, we have learned that there are far too many children not getting a good night’s rest because they are sleeping on couches, sharing beds with siblings, and even sleeping on the floor. It is hard to stay focused in school when you haven’t slept well night after night and we are looking to help”, Merithew said.

The United Way is setting a maximum goal of twenty (20) beds and will wait list should demand exceed bed requests.

Through the generosity of our donors, United Way has purchased new mattresses, box springs and bed frames and will be giving those to eligible children, ages 5 to 17, who do not have their own bed. In addition, each child will receive a slumber package to include, sheets, blanket, pillow, pajamas, slippers, hygiene items, age-appropriate book, night light and laundry detergent, all part of a restful night’s sleep.

Families of children in need of a bed can contact one of the following agencies now through Friday, November 19th who will gather general information regarding the child’s need for a bed and making arrangements for delivery:

• Interfaith-570-278-1776
• CEO\Weinberg North East Regional Food Bank county outreach (570) 550-1594 (call or text)
• Forest City Salvation Army Service Center-570-785-4357
• Women’s Resource Center-800-257-5765 or 570-278-1800

Priority will be given to children who are sleeping on floors or couches or sharing a bed. Anyone wishing to support the “Rested and Ready” initiative with a monetary donation may do so by contacting the United Way of Susquehanna County at 570-465-3868 or email at unitedwayofsusquehannacounty.org.

United Way of Susquehanna County
P.O. Box 365/693 Main St., Suite 3-New Milford, PA 18834
T|570.465.3868 | F|570.465.7605


Charitable Endowment Established in Memory of Geraldine Miller

Geraldine Miller 2
A new permanent charitable endowment has been established by family and friends in loving memory of Geraldine H. (Gerrie) Miller, aged 94 who recently passed from this world from natural causes at her home in Pleasant Hill, California. Gerrie, a long-time Pleasant Hill resident, was a native of Queens, New York, born in 1927 to Richard and Jessie Haglund. As a young woman, she worked on Wall Street as a secretary. Her marriage to Ed Miller, a former Navy Seabee, and the raising of four sons interrupted her work life for a time. They moved early on to the clean and woodsy suburbs of Emerson, New Jersey, and a house of their own in which to pursue the American Dream! This happy time lasted till the mid 1960’s when, gripped by the spirit of adventure, all six Millers plus a large dog piled into a VW Microbus, and headed west through National Parks and many campsites, eventually ending up in the Hawaiian Islands for three years. In 1968 the family headed back to the mainland and ended up in Pleasant Hill, where Ed and Gerrie lived out their days, with Ed passing away in 1980. 

Geraldine Miller 1

Gerrie, notably, among other things went back to school and eventually received her Master’s degree in Counselling from Cal State, Hayward, subsequently getting employed as a substance abuse counselor with the VA hospital in Martinez and eventually transitioning to private practice. Gerrie was loved by many people for her ability to bring a gentle and personal approach to her work and personal life making each person, no matter what age, feel safe and important and the center of her attention and concern. Gerrie was also a dog lover, and was known for her amazing ability to keep old, sick and infirm animals alive long past their normal lifespan. She was a healer to all in her purview. Gerrie was full of fun, and took every chance to celebrate something or someone! She loved to sing and dance and enjoyed a Rye Manhattan, on special occasions or a glass of red wine now and then. She was a great story teller, and the life of the party! Her high spirits were contagious, and those around her found themselves elevated by her buoyant spirit! She was truly a remarkable woman, who lived through the Great Depression, WWII, raising four sons, the death of her husband, grandson, and numerous beloved pets, and every nuance life can throw at a person. Hers is a life worth celebrating!!

Geraldine Miller 3

Geraldine Miller 5The Geraldine Miller Memorial Charitable Endowment will honor Gerrie’s memory for many generations to come and continue her legacy of caring by providing support to charities and organizations that were close to her heart, especially those serving children and animals. Contributions are always welcome to help enhance the value of the endowment and thus its continuing ability to provide welcome assistance to Gerrie’s causes. Donations may be mailed to The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains at 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801 or made online at www.community-foundation.org. Gerrie would most likely tip a glass, smile, and exclaim “Cheers! Well done!”


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New Scholarship in Memory of Molly Coker

Molly CokerThe many friends and family of the late Molly Coker have come together to establish a permanent college scholarship in her memory that will benefit generations of graduates of the Tunkhannock Area School District. Molly, the daughter of Rylan P. Coker and Rebecca J. Lane, passed away last May at the age of 13. She has been described as gentle, kind, feisty, fierce, and brave. She was an old soul in a young body who was light years ahead of her time. A quote from Dr. Who, one of Molly’s favorite television shows, best captures her spirit: “Never be cruel, never be cowardly. Remember hate is always foolish, and love is always wise. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind. Laugh hard, run fast, be kind.” The Molly Coker Memorial Scholarship will provide college tuition assistance to a graduating Tunkhannock student who best exhibits the qualities of kindness, love, and service to others that Molly embodied. To honor Molly’s memory, and to enhance the assistance for future generations of students, additional donations to the scholarship endowment are always welcomed and can be mailed to The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains at 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801, or made online at www.community-foundation.org. Molly would most likely be smiling at the help her scholarship will provide to young people for many generations to come.

New Endowment Carries On Mary Jo Bayer Legacy

Mary Jo Bayer

The family and friends of the late Mary Jo Bayer of Forest Lake have established a new memorial endowment in her memory at The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. The Mary Jo Bayer Memorial Embrace Inclusion Endowment is intended to help support organizations in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties that work to make jobs and careers accessible for people with disabilities. This continues Mary Jo’s tradition of caring that she exhibited throughout her life. She always strove to achieve social justice and peace in her community and as a special education teacher she worked to draw out the greatest potential in all her students. She was a youth minister in her church and led youth groups and confirmation classes. She was also very proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association. In addition, she was also involved in various community food programs in northeastern Pennsylvania. This new endowment will carry on Mary Jo’s legacy of commitment to her community and to serve those individuals who need a little extra support. Contributions in her memory are always welcome and can be sent to The Community Foundation at 270 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801 or made online at www.community-foundation.org.

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