Thursday, May 28, 2020

Vitale Scholarship Available for Adult Students

Vitale2College Seniors and Graduate School Students who will complete their studies during the 2020-2021 academic year are encouraged to apply for The John J. & Ann Vitale Scholarship at The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. The Scholarship is available to alumni from the six school districts in Susquehanna County who are in their final year of college or graduate school and who have incurred student debt. The Scholarship award for 2020 is $3,500, and if undergraduate students attend college within Pennsylvania they will be nominated for potential matching grants.

Applications must be completed by June 14, 2020 and a link is available on The Community Foundation’s website at starting May 4th. The scholarship recipient will be chosen during the summer to ensure timely payment directly to the college so that the student may make appropriate financial plans.

John Vitale passed away in March of 2006, after a lifetime of supporting his community and neighbors. This scholarship is one way his family has chosen to honor his memory and continue a tradition of community support.

**Application Deadline June 14th**

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Small Business Assistance Grants Available



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Coronavirus Assistance Fund Established

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A new charitable endowment has been established at The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains to help ease difficulties local families are experiencing due to the Coronavirus epidemic. A group of concerned citizens have established the Susquehanna County Coronavirus Assistance Fund that will be able to provide financial assistance to local agencies and non-profits that provide such services as food and fuel assistance, transportation expenses for medical appointments, and assistance with rent and utility expenses. An influx of requests for such assistance is anticipated by local assistance agencies in the coming weeks, and this charitable endowment is intended to help provide financial support to budgets that are stretched thin or have already identified their expected assistance projects for the year. Additional donations to the Susquehanna County Coronavirus Assistance Fund are certainly welcome and can be made here or sent to The Community Foundation at 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801. The hope is to ease the economic shock to vulnerable local families and all assistance is welcomed very much.


VIA to Change Afternoon Schedule to Provide Learn at Home Opportunities for Students

Beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020, VIA Public Media will change its afternoon television schedule from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to air programs that can provide learn-at-home opportunities for students.

Each program airing during this block will have curriculum and additional resources that parents and educators can use for students in grades 4-12. Prior to 1pm children VIA will continue to air PBS kids programming, which is educationally minded for children pre-kindergarten through grade 3. All resources can be found free of charge at This schedule has been designed to help school districts bridge the digital divide and provide access to learning for all students at home regardless of access to computers or the internet.

Monday’s programming includes the programs NOVA: Look Who’s Driving at 1 p.m., which investigates the self-driving car and its impact on society. Life from Above: Changing Planet at 2 p.m., which views the changing landscape of Earth from space. At 3 p.m. VIA will air Nature: Yosemite, which takes a deep look into how climate change is affecting the national park. The upcoming schedule and curriculum for the first week of programming can currently be found at with future weeks’ schedules and resources being posted to the website within the coming days.

“VIA aims to educate and inspire through quality programming and services; we hope that this change can better serve the families and school districts throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley,” said Chris Norton, Senior Vice President of VIA Public Media.

“We want families to know that they are not alone during this time and that time at home can be spent learning together,” said Kirsten Smith, Grants & Education Officer at VIA Public Media. “From Nature and NOVA to insightful documentaries, VIA and PBS have hundreds of hours of learning opportunities for students at all grade levels”.

WVIA-TV can be found on over-the-air antenna on channel 44 and on all major network providers in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley. WVIA carries PBS Kids programming all day on its second channel 44.2, corresponding educational resources for PBS Kids programming can also be found at

VIA Public Media Mission:
VIA Public Media educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures, and perspectives to nurture community.

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Women Helping Women Announces Available Grants & Annual Brunch


The Women Helping Women Fund of The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, a division of Commonwealth Charitable Management, Inc., is now accepting grant applications from local nonprofits that serve women and girls of the Endless Mountains.

Women Helping Women is searching for existing programs that serve one of their funding priorities:
• Promoting economic self-sufficiency
• Education
• Women’s Health
• Serving women and girls in crisis situations
• Leadership

The deadline to submit grant applications is March 13, 2020.
Grant awards will be distributed at our annual Mother’s Day Brunch on Saturday, May 2, 2020, 10:30 to noon, at the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains.

RSVP by April 15, 2020, if you will be attending the brunch. Suggested donation for the catered brunch is $20. Reservations can be made by calling 570-278-3800 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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