Bill Lewis suggests a Community Foundation to Earle Wootton. Board in Progress formed.


The Community Foundation of Susquehanna County becomes an Affiliate of Williamsport Lycoming Foundation.


$50,000 in Assets, $4,125 in Grants


Foundation Merges with Charities Distribution Fund. Charities Distribution Fund plans to become United Way of or Susquehanna County.


First Endowment that exceeds $100,000 is created


Introduce United Way of Susquehanna County


Community Foundation becomes independent 501(c)3 Corporation. Foundation Raises $400,000 in capital campaign to form United Way


United Way of Susquehanna County leaves Community Foundation and merges with the United Way of Wyoming Valley


Expand to Serve Wyoming County: School district foundations for all schools in Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties. Today our 75 school district funds have est. value of $3,000,000.



Foundation Assets approach $2,000,000.
Become PATH Partner: Our scholarship winners can earn matching grants from PA PATH to attend PA colleges


Building Restored & Remodeled


Gas Royalties Endow Churches & Scholarships: Gas leases and royalties spur landowners to establish endowments for local churches, scholarships, nonprofits.
Foundation Holds 100 Funds making $300,000 in grants


Funds recover from 2008 crisis to establish new high by 2010


Wootton Foundation merges with Community Foundation and transfers restored building to become Foundation headquarters


Community Foundation expands to Serve Endless Mountains
True Friends Initial Fund: Local group takes on closed Humane Society facility. We establish fund for tax deductible contributions until True Friends can organize its own 501(c)3


New EMHS Hospital Campaign: Cabot Oil & Gas backs new EMHS hospital capital campaign with $1,000,000 kick-off donation, and invites us to administer matching grants of $1,200,000, ultimately raising $4,400,000



Full Cloud, Remote Access Systems: We respond to growth by adding technology, tech savvy staff, new systems with cloud and remote access for online donations, grant applications and more


Community Foundation named Outstanding Foundation by Association of Fundraising Professionals.
Foundation reaches 200 Fund making over $1,250,000 in grants.


EverFi Marketing through PBA: PA Bankers join us in offering EverFi financial literacy classes across the state paid for by banks’ EITC donations


Community Foundation becomes an operating division of Commonwealth Charitable Management continuing to concentrate on the Endless Mountains region by providing endowments, donor advised funds, and charitable savings accounts.
Commonwealth Charitable Management chosen as PA Bankers’ Select Vendor to administer EITC Programs for banks throughout Pennsylvania.


Cristine Clayton began as CEO in January of 2020 when Earle Wootton, founder, retired. He remains active as the Chairman of the board.


Community Foundation reached $25 million in assets.


We begin to celebrate our 25th year, with January 2023 being the official 25th anniversary of the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains.


Watch videos and join us as we look back at a quarter of a century of impacting the Endless Mountains communities...

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If we move away from the Endless Mountains area, what happens to our fund?

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