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Oct 31 2022

The Leo and Sandra Conklin Foundation

The Leo and Sandra Conklin Foundation is our first property donation to be converted to a Legacy fund at the ...
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Oct 26 2022

Christmas in Montrose

There’s something to be said about being named the number one town in Pennsylvania that most feels like a Hallmark ...
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Oct 20 2022

Dual Enrollment’s Impact for Students

The Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to take college classes either at their high school or at a ...
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Oct 4 2022

Cooper’s Garden

The beauty of the Community Foundation building is certainly enhanced by the landscaping that surrounds it. The gardens were established ...
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Sep 28 2022

How We Stay In Touch

During early 2020, The Community Foundation staff transitioned to working remotely in response to the pandemic. We have now moved ...
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Thomas Chamberlain

Sep 27 2022

Founding Director Appointed Director Emeritus and United Way Advisor

Thomas Chamberlain, one of the members of our founding board of directors, has accepted an appointment as Director Emeritus and ...
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Sep 23 2022

Montrose Lions Club MASD Grant Available

The Montrose Lions Club Montrose Area School District Fund, administered by The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, a division ...
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Sep 23 2022

Montrose Lions Club Grant Available

The Montrose Lions Club Community Fund, administered by The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, a division of Commonwealth Charitable ...
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Sep 8 2022

From The President

Here at The Community Foundation we administer various types of charitable endowments, all intended to serve the priorities of those ...
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Jun 14 2022

Community Foundation Congratulates 2022 Graduates

The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, a division of Commonwealth Charitable Management headquartered in Montrose, extends congratulations to the ...
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May 12 2022

Vitale Scholarship Available for Adult Students

College Seniors and Graduate School Students who will complete their studies during the 2022-2023 academic year are encouraged to apply ...
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Feb 21 2022

Community Foundation Announces 2022 College Scholarships

The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains is pleased to announce that for the Class of 2022 High School graduates ...
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Dec 13 2021

A Boost for Tomorrow’s Philanthropists

What’s hot when it comes to gifts for the graduate? You guessed it. Once again, the ever-popular, flexible, and tax-effective ...
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Dec 13 2021

Is It Time for an Agency Fund?

Ensuring that a nonprofit organization can sustain its mission for the long term is a key responsibility of the organization’s ...
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Dec 11 2021

1, 2, 3: Easy Ways to Check Out a Charity

Many American households give to charity each year or volunteer for a favorite cause. Chances are, you are doing it ...
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Dec 10 2021

Volunteering, Happiness and Success at Work

Happier and healthier at work, thanks to a workplace volunteering program? You bet. Volunteer activities are good for everyone--you, your ...
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Dec 9 2021

Is Serving on a Charity’s Board of Directors a Good Move for You?

Serving on the board of directors of your favorite nonprofit organization is a great way to celebrate the cause you ...
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Dec 8 2021

Getting in Touch With Your Social Impact Personality Type

Social connections and community impact are two of today’s hottest cultural trends. Combined, they add up to a growing commitment to ...
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Dec 7 2021

Qualified Charitable Distributions: A Hidden Gem in Your Financial Plan

Designated funds and field-of-interest funds may not always be top of mind when you are developing philanthropy plans for yourself ...
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Dec 6 2021

Estate Gifts: Unlock the Benefits of Bequests 

Your fund at the community foundation can be an ideal recipient of estate gifts through a will or trust, or ...
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Dec 5 2021

Donor-Advised Funds and Your Personality Type 

Personality type matters, even when it comes to supporting community causes. Your "social impact personality type" is especially important as ...
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Dec 4 2021

When Cash Is Out

We've all heard the saying "cash is king." Most of the time that's a fantastic rule of thumb. But sometimes ...
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