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Jun 14 2022

Community Foundation Congratulates 2022 Graduates

The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains, a division of Commonwealth Charitable Management headquartered in Montrose, extends congratulations to the ...
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May 12 2022

Vitale Scholarship Available for Adult Students

College Seniors and Graduate School Students who will complete their studies during the 2022-2023 academic year are encouraged to apply ...
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Feb 21 2022

Community Foundation Announces 2022 College Scholarships

The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains is pleased to announce that for the Class of 2022 High School graduates ...
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Dec 13 2021

A Boost for Tomorrow’s Philanthropists

What’s hot when it comes to gifts for the graduate? You guessed it. Once again, the ever-popular, flexible, and tax-effective ...
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Dec 13 2021

Is It Time for an Agency Fund?

Ensuring that a nonprofit organization can sustain its mission for the long term is a key responsibility of the organization’s ...
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Dec 11 2021

1, 2, 3: Easy Ways to Check Out a Charity

Many American households give to charity each year or volunteer for a favorite cause. Chances are, you are doing it ...
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Dec 10 2021

Volunteering, Happiness and Success at Work

Happier and healthier at work, thanks to a workplace volunteering program? You bet. Volunteer activities are good for everyone--you, your ...
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Dec 9 2021

Is Serving on a Charity’s Board of Directors a Good Move for You?

Serving on the board of directors of your favorite nonprofit organization is a great way to celebrate the cause you ...
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Dec 8 2021

Getting in Touch With Your Social Impact Personality Type

Social connections and community impact are two of today’s hottest cultural trends. Combined, they add up to a growing commitment to ...
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Dec 7 2021

Qualified Charitable Distributions: A Hidden Gem in Your Financial Plan

Designated funds and field-of-interest funds may not always be top of mind when you are developing philanthropy plans for yourself ...
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Dec 6 2021

Estate Gifts: Unlock the Benefits of Bequests 

Your fund at the community foundation can be an ideal recipient of estate gifts through a will or trust, or ...
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Dec 5 2021

Donor-Advised Funds and Your Personality Type 

Personality type matters, even when it comes to supporting community causes. Your "social impact personality type" is especially important as ...
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Dec 4 2021

When Cash Is Out

We've all heard the saying "cash is king." Most of the time that's a fantastic rule of thumb. But sometimes ...
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