Getting in Touch With Your Social Impact Personality Type

Social connections and community impact are two of today’s hottest cultural trends. Combined, they add up to a growing commitment to social impact all across America. But not everyone likes to “do good” in exactly the same way.  

What’s your ideal social impact activity profile? It depends on your personality.  

Research indicates that most people trend toward one of three social impact personality types. All three personality types are based on the types of social impact activities that best fit your lifestyle and your preferences for making a difference in the lives of others.  

  • “Investors” prefer to engage in social impact activities that are independent and do not require scheduling dedicated time or working directly with others in the pursuit of a charitable endeavor.  
  • “Connectors” prefer to engage in social impact activities that are social in nature, involving the opportunity to get together with other people, although not necessarily in pursuit of a specific charitable endeavor.  
  • “Activators” are passionate about participating in the causes they care most about, and tend to focus on “changing the world” and impacting one or more social issues on a broad scale. Activities generally require focused, scheduled and structured behavior oriented toward a task or community goal.  

Which one are you? Getting in touch with the ways you like to give back means you’ll enjoy your community engagement even more. And that’s good for the community–and good for you, too.