Annual Report Library

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2022 Annual Magazine showcasing the power of philanthropy in our region and capturing our financial results through December 31, 2022.

Time to Celebrate 25 Years! You can enjoy over fifty-two full-color pages of encouraging news about the Endless Mountains region and far beyond. Our donors, businesses and individuals, continue to outdo themselves in generosity and participation in state philanthropic tax credit programs - all to the great benefit of our communities.

We’ve taken a long glance backward to recall and appreciate our founders’ stories, plus an even longer look forward to the “endless” possibilities ahead. We’ve provided impressive summaries of what’s so far been accomplished in terms of scholarships and grants in every area of life: education, hospitals and clinics, libraries, historic sites, animal welfare, parks, workforce development, support of both STEM and arts programs, athletics, cultural gems and more.

We want to share the stories, the numbers, and certainly the joy that your friends at The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains and Commonwealth Charitable Management are feeling as we mark this triumphant milestone. Kick back by the fire and enjoy every page!

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What is a Community Foundation?

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If we move away from the Endless Mountains area, what happens to our fund?

We know you love the Endless Mountains as much as we do! We also know that change is a constant in everyone’s lives. If changes in your life take you away from our region, we will miss you! But your fund is still as flexible as it ever was. You can continue to make grant recommendations to any nonprofit of your choice, whether in the Endless Mountains area or anywhere else in the United States.