Andrew Mazza Memorial Health Care Fund

About the fund

Established by the family and friends of Andrew Mazza to help support the Andrew Mazza Memorial Health Center in Clifford, Pennsylvania operated by NEPA Community Health Care.

From the Donor:

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy” -F. Scott Fitzgerald 

It’s as if those words were written for this exact moment, when I write to tell you, who Andrew Mazza was. Andrew spent most his life in Greenfield Township, as have 3 generations before him. He graduated Lakeland High School in 2011 and received a degree in Machine Tool Technology from Lackawanna Career Technology Center. Andrew was a member the Operating Engineers Union, Local 542, along with his father, uncle, cousins, and his grandfather, Mike Mazza, who served as vice-president until retirement. Andrew loved running heavy equipment, trucks, snowmobiles, and spending time at Newton Lake with his family and friends. More than all of that…… he was the smile when you didn’t have your own, the extra set of hands when you didn’t have enough, the shoulder you could lean on, and the company you were always happy to have. The bigger question is not who Andrew was but who he will always be. He will always be a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, and yes…. a Hero. I say hero because heroes emerge from tragedy, they put the wellbeing and safety of others above their own, even to the point of self-sacrifice. There’s a young woman that will go on to live a full life because she was fortunate enough, that at a time of tragedy, Andrew was at her side. He was her smile, her hands, her shoulder, and her company when she needed it most. While we will forever grieve the loss of Andrew, to know him, is to know….. that what he did, is exactly what we would’ve expected him to do. It is who he was and who he always will be. So I ask that when you hear the word “hero”, please remember my dear friend, Andrew Mazza, and spare a thought for him, his sacrifice, and his family. I too, will forever do the same. 

Dawn Ziegler 
Board of Directors, NEPA CHC 

All donations made through The Community Foundation will go directly into an endowment to provide perpetual funding to The Andrew C. Mazza Memorial Health Center of Clifford, Pennsylvania. A NEPA Community Health Center that will serve the county as well as its surrounding areas and provide quality health care to all who seek it, regardless of insurance or the ability to pay. It is with great pride and privilege that we chose Andrew’s name. As in his darkest hour, he chose selflessness, compassion, and courage beyond his years. We feel a true act of heroism that we want to honor through this center and in his community for all the years to come. Together we can not only create a healthier community but also ensure that Andrew’s name continues on as a beacon of light, love, and sacrifice for one another. More information about NEPA Community Health Care can be found at their website. 

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