Cindy L. Nye Memorial Fund

About the fund

Established in memory of Cindy L. Nye to support animal welfare in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

From the Donor:

Cindy L. Nye 1957-2020

Cindy was born and raised in New Jersey, graduating Nutley High School in 1975. She always considered North East Pennsylvania her second home as both her parents were born there and returned after retiring. Cindy was married to Charlie in 1977 and together they relocated to Tunkhannock in 1984. Cindy had two children, Charlene and Charlie.

Cindy’s lifelong love for animals began at an early age, growing up there were always pets in the house. At various times she had cats, dogs, hamsters and birds. This continued after marriage as she always had pets including a combination of dogs, cats, parakeets, hamsters, and even briefly a goat. Most of the animals she acquired were strays that showed up at the door as if they knew they would be taken care of. Others were rescued from a shelter waiting for a home.  She would even help any neighbors with dog/cat sitting or advice. Many times, she would provide pet food to less fortunate people so their pets didn’t go hungry. Many animals were given a long life because of her caring.

Cindy would be proud that her name is attached to a cause that seeks to care for animals of any type, humane treatment, proper spay-neutering, and adoption services.

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