Courtland Birchard Scholarship

About the fund

Established by Mr. Birchard and his family to provide tuition assistance to a graduating senior from Montrose Area High School who will attend Broome Community College.

Application Period

Mid-November to Mid-March

From the Donor:

Supporting the Future

Courtland Birchard, a talented artist and engraver, has established an endowment with the Community Foundation which will provide an annual $1,000 scholarship to seniors from Montrose Area High School (MASD) who attend Broome Community College. Courtland was born 88 years ago on the family farm in Birchardville. He attended the Birchardville and Turrell one-room schools through eighth grade, then moved on to graduate from Montrose High School in 1948. After working a few years for his Dad, he volunteered for the Army and served in Korea. A speech he gave at MASD Award Night in June explains his motivation.

“After serving in the Army, I was able to use money from the G.I. Bill to pay my college expenses. I would not have gone on to college without that help, so I know how much it meant to me. I have always been grateful for my education and have wanted to repay it in some way. I decided to create a scholarship for a Montrose student who would attend Broome Community College. I am presenting the first scholarship tonight, 70 years after graduating from Montrose High School and 60 years after graduating from Broome Tech. I will be able to help a local graduate go to college and the funds will go to Broome Community College. I will accomplish two goals, and the best part is that this will happen every year from now on, long after I can be here.”

Courtland had the pleasure of choosing “the one who would benefit the most” among several worthy students who had submitted applications online through the Foundation. At Award Night he announced this year’s winner Serena Gardner, shook her hand, and presented her award in person.

Anna Maynard, Courtland’s friend and neighbor, is the first to add her donation to this new endowment. They invite everyone to, in Courtland’s words “support the future of our community” by contributing to Courtland Birchard Scholarship Fund online at

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