East Rush Cemetery Association Endowment Fund

About the fund

Established by the East Rush Cemetery Association to assist with the expenses of managing the East Rush Cemetery.

From the Donor:

East Rush Cemetery Association Endowment Fund

My reason for establishing the East Rush Cemetery Association Endowment Fund was to make sure there was a perpetual income to the association for the upkeep of the cemetery without having to worry about making a payment or burdening my family to continue the payments when I’m no longer here.

Brief History of the East Rush Cemetery Association

On February 3, 1911, the heirs of Mrs. Chloe Roberts sold about one acre of land for $40 to the original directors of the cemetery association. Although the cemetery association was formed in 1911, there are gravestone markers from the mid to late 1800’s in the East Rush Cemetery.

The directors and officers of the cemetery association meet the first Sunday in May of each year at 2 p.m. in the East Rush church basement. The public is invited to attend this meeting.

Donations and the sale of lots provide the funds to mow and maintain the cemetery. Some of the maintenance is done by volunteers.

Current Directors:

David Petty

Kevin Pierson

Randy Pierson

Brian Hollister

Clayton Brooks

Michael Erat

Larry La Rue

Current Officers:

Kevin Stockholm – President

Clayton Brooks – Vice President

David Petty – Treasurer

Larry La Rue – Secretary

The East Rush Cemetery is located on a hill overlooking the scenic valley and SR 3023. Access to the East Rush Cemetery driveway is directly across the street from the East Rush Methodist Church.

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For more information or questions, call 570-278-3800
to speak with one of our fund managers.