Mountain View School District Library Fund

About the fund

Established by Mark Wilmot of Union Dale to provide support to the Libraries in the Mountain View Elementary School and High School.

From the Donor:

Mark Wilmot served on the Mountain View School District Board of Education  for ten years from – 1983 to 1993. As was custom , the board members took turns serving as treasurer with a stipend of $1800. Most members donated that sum back to the school for improvements -landscaping , signage, sports equipment, etc. Being an avid reader himself, Mark knows that reading is the foundation of all education. He wanted to help the school libraries so all the students would benefit from his donation.    He chose to establish the Mountain View Library Fund at the Community Foundation, trusting them to do an excellent job of investing and managing the fund while hopefully increasing the funds visibility and encouraging others to donate. It has grown but not as much as Mark had hoped. Every year the Elementary and High School librarians each receive a check equal to half of the profits the fund generates to spend as they wish in their libraries. Mark has never actively raised additional money for the fund but he is hoping the new website at the Community Foundation will increase awareness of the fund and  increase donations.

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