Silver Lake Ladies Club Fund

About the fund

Supports the Club’s annual college scholarship presented to a high school graduate from Silver Lake Township, or other Club projects.

From the Donor:

The Silver Lake Ladies Service Club

Since 1951, the Silver Lake Ladies Service Club has worked to support many aspects of the community. Some of the typical activities include creating a quilt for the annual raffle at the Barrel of Bucks, activities in support of the Barrel of Bucks, participating in the Adopt a Highway program twice a year, holding the Lasagna Dinner and Soup and Sandwich Dinner, coordinating a Community Garage Sale, providing a Craft and Bake Sale in conjunction with elections, publishing The Township Grapevine, (a community newsletter), providing Holiday remembrance gifts to Silver Lake shut-ins and other projects and fund raisers to support annual and special donations to community organizations.

Since 2000, the Silver Lake Ladies Club has awarded scholarships each year to local graduating seniors who are continuing their education.  The scholarship recipients may have been home schooled or attended any public or private institution and must be residents of the Silver Lake Township. The Community Foundation provides a repository to segregate and potentially grow funds dedicated to this purpose. The Ladies Club is pleased to be part of this community organization that helps facilitate its mission.

Township residents interested in learning more about the Silver Lake Ladies Club, participating in activities, or attending a meeting are urged to refer to the Facebook page.

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