Susquehanna County Coronavirus Assistance Fund

About the fund

Established by the caring citizens of Susquehanna County to provide support to local organizations which assist those enduring economic hardship due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

From the Donor:

A new charitable endowment has been established at The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains to help ease difficulties local families are experiencing due to the Coronavirus epidemic. A group of concerned citizens have established the Susquehanna County Coronavirus Assistance Fund that will be able to provide financial assistance to local agencies and non-profits that provide such services as food and fuel assistance, transportation expenses for medical appointments, and assistance with rent and utility expenses. An influx of requests for such assistance is anticipated by local assistance agencies in the coming weeks, and this charitable endowment is intended to help provide financial support to budgets that are stretched thin or have already identified their expected assistance projects for the year. Additional donations to the Susquehanna County Coronavirus Assistance Fund are certainly welcome and can be made here or sent to The Community Foundation at 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801. The hope is to ease the economic shock to vulnerable local families and all assistance is welcomed very much.

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