Tom Beene Spirit of Life Memorial Fund

About the fund

The Community Foundation is accepting donations in memory of Tom Beene to help establish a permanent endowment.

From the Donor:

Lets Go! Come On!

These are the words that rumbled from deep within Tom Beene’s core. They were the sentiments he lived by, the words of encouragement he used, and ultimately, the attitude that defined him.

Whether it was physical exercise or his commitment to the community, Tom inspired those around him to live a meaningful life…a life that sought out the best in them and positively benefited others.

Tom had more he wanted and needed to accomplish. And, while we miss his booming voice and motivation, we know it’s our turn to slip on his beloved Brooks’ sneakers and Go!

Let’s Go!

The Tom Beene Spirit of Life Memorial Fund is dedicated to championing Tom’s spirit, principles and passions. It will recognize individuals in the community who embody Tom through their volunteerism, civic involvement and running (fast, slow, near or far).

The Tom Beene Spirit of Life Memorial Fund will help ensure Tom’s spirit and voice will continue to be felt across the community he loved so much.

Can you hear Tom yelling “Come On!”

Lets follow Tom’s instructions and mark the course for the next generation who will be a source of booming voices, encouragement, humor, kind heartedness and enthusiasm for life.

*The Tom Beene Spirit of Life Memorial Fund will carry on his legacy through scholarships, volunteer awards and runners’ assistance.

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