Women Helping Women Fund

About the fund

Aims to provide perpetual assistance to local non-profits that address issues specific to women of the Endless Mountains.  The fund pools donations and volunteers to create a larger impact than any one person could make individually.

Application Period

Application Deadline March 1st

From the Donor:

2024 Application Deadline: 3/1/2024

Judith Albert Ventresca

In May of 2004, Judy had a moment of clarity, some may call it an epiphany- she decided to do something extraordinary and spend an entire year “working for women,” at the end of which she had an entire year’s salary to donate. Judy wanted to contribute the money to a grassroots organization to help local women. This is when she came across The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. Through their help, the Women Helping Women Fund was formed using Judy’s initial donation to establish a fund that will provide perpetual funding through grants to various organizations that serve the needs of local women. This fund was created to help improve the lives of local women by expanding their opportunities through education and entrepreneurship.

Judy felt that investing in women’s education is the intelligent approach as it makes simple economic sense. Education can help women increase wages, gain employment, and be open to more opportunities. Women’s education has been linked to a broad array of social and economic benefits. Women are a powerful force and, if given the opportunity, hold the key to a better future. People will soon realize the Power of the Purse!

Judy has always had a caring and philanthropic heart. She strongly recognizes the power of education and entrepreneurism. Having paid for her own education after High School, she worked 22 years as a night shift nurse in a demanding ICU unit. While working for more than forty years in healthcare, she juggled raising a family, running a successful business, and also managing rental properties, many of which provided low income housing to those in need.

A self-educated businesswoman, Judy has earned certificates in water management, has experience applying for government assistance loans, helped with settling estates for friends and family, and sits on the board of a local corporation.

We urge other local women to join the efforts of the Women Helping Women Fund and show how the Power of the Purse can shape the future for both local women and our community.

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